HEKO fans for IT Cooling System

Nov 10, 2017

As high-density IT equipment becomes the new normal, the amount of heat generated continues to grow substantially – as does the challenge of efficiently cooling data centers. Traditional perimeter and/or raised floor computer room air conditioning systems increasingly struggle to remove concentrated heat loads. In many small to mid-size data centers, implementing close-coupled cooling solutions can be a highly effective and efficient strategy for supplementing cooling capacity. Located in or near server racks, close-coupled air conditioning units focus cooling where it is needed most without lowering the temperature of the entire data center. In addition, these modular solutions make it easy to reconfigure cooling to handle new equipment or eliminate hot spots. As a result, using close-coupled portable, rack-mounted or row-based air conditioning units tailored to your specific data center needs can boost cooling efficiency and add valuable flexibility.


High speed wireless network, cloud computing, big data, quantum communication, artificial intelligence; we use cutting-edge technology to change the world every minute. Maximum reliability, highly complex applications, faster processors, round-the-clock information and communication, and the ever-increasing compactness and density of computer systems demand maximum performance from the cooling system. HEKO fans have based in the field as the central device of cooling system.


Centrifugal Fan with Backward Curved Impeller: Compact structure, external rotor motor, energy saving with outstanding efficiency.

Centrifugal Fan with Forward Curved Double Inlet Impeller: High increase in static pressure, external rotor motor, high efficiency, low noise level.

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