How soon can I get a price quotation?
Within 12 hours once we got the your detail requirement.
Do you provide free sample?
Sorry that we do not offer free sample but the sample fee can be refunded in trial order.
What’s the MOQ?
Generally the MOQ is 100pcs. Contact us to get the specific MOQ of the products which you selected.
How long is your delivery time?
Mass production lead time is 5weeks; Samples preparation is within 2week;
Do you provide OEM service?
Yes. Just send us your brand or LOGO design.
What kind of payment do you support? & Payment terms? & How do I pay?
We accept TT and L/C. Usually 30% advance, 70% paid off before delivery for bulk order; 100% prepayment for sample order; You can pay to HEKO HK account or Suzhou account. And also we accept PayPal.
How do you transport?
All available shipping ways could be applied, by courier, air or sea. You can choose your appointed shipping company or our own forwarders. Once your order has been shipped you will be contacted via email and a tracking number will be provided.
What is your warranty?
We offer a 1 year warranty on everything we sell. With this warranty you will get NO hassle next business day replacement (if shipping service and inventory permits). However, as a valued customer you will get technical support through the life time ownership of your product. The warranty cover failures that occur during normal operational conditions or manufactures defects. You will be entitle to a compensation at a rate of 1-to-1 for all the rejected good involved; at the same equal amount of quantity and value of Goods deemed defective. It does not cover failure due to inappropriate operation such as freezing or over heat. Damage caused by vandalism, storms, floods etc.
Do you provide technical support?
Our engineer department will help with any questions you have about the products. We will offer the most cost effective solutions to exceed your expectation and provide personalized solutions by understanding your demand. We take pride in assisting you with the best advice and support we can provide. Please call us anytime or use email if that is more convenient.