DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm

DC Centrifugal Fan Ø190×68.5mm

Model no.: HB190-072D024M / HB190-072D048M

Brand: HEKO

Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor

MOQ: 1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.

Payment terms: T/T; L/C; Paypal

Approvals: CE

Type of Protection: IP44

Insulation Class: B

Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Place of origin: Jiangsu, China

Fan type: Backward curved centrifugal fan
Material of Impeller: Propylene with glass-fiber reinforced 

Brand name: HEKO
Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor
MOQ: 1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.
Payment terms: T/T; L/C; Paypal
Approvals: CE
Type of Protection: IP44

Insulation Class: B
Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Description of high volume exhaust fan ventilation fan centrifugal extractor fan with aluminium alloy wheel:

Safety requirements of installing the high volume exhaust fan are as following,

1. Before installing centrifugal extractor fan, make sure that the metal casing of the stator connected to the ground before being powered on.

2. DO NOT connect the white signal wire directly to the red wire or the external dc power supply. In order to get the square wave speed signal, please circumscribed the pull-up resistors and pull up the power voltage.

3. If the high volume exhaust fan doesn’t work after been powered on, please check the speed control input voltage, it may not be well connected. To prevent the suddenly start of the fan to hurt hands or other personal injury; do not touch the centrifugal fan wheel or rotor when the power is on.

4. Fan needs a few seconds to start after being powered on. To prevent personal injury, do not touch the impellers or rotor when the power is on or in a low speed.

5. Unless they are instructed by the person(s) responsible for their safety, those who are lack of physical, mental or sensory capacities and proper practical experience or expertise cannot use this appliance. Please do not let the children play with this product.

6. If the power cord be damaged, the power cord must be replaced by the manufacturer in order to avoid accident of the proxy service personnel or the equivalent qualification maintenance personnel.

7. As an integral part of the fan, this DC motor cannot be used alone without impeller or load.