DC Blower Dual Inlet Ø146mm DC Blower Dual Inlet Ø146mm DC Blower Dual Inlet Ø146mm DC Blower Dual Inlet Ø146mm

DC Blower Dual Inlet Ø146mm

Model no.: HD146-092D024H / HD146-092D048H

Brand: HEKO

Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor

MOQ: 1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.

Payment terms: T/T; L/C; Paypal

Approvals: CE

Type of Protection: IP42

Insulation Class: B

Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Place of origin: Jiangsu, China
Fan type: Double inlet centrifugal blower
Brand name: HEKO
Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor

Material: Steel metal scroll housing, galvanized metal sheel impeller

Uses: Ventilation, household application, kitchen
MOQ: 1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.
Payment terms: T/T; L/C; Paypal
Approvals: CE
Type of Protection: IP42
Insulation Class: B
Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Application of 24v 48v dc double inlet small industrial centrifugal air blower fans: 

With the widely range of applications of centrifugal air blower, problems and issues are also to be identified and improved. But the improvement after discovery of a single question was unable to meet the fast-growing demand of the market. Development of the industrial centrifugal blowers must to meet the requirements of the market. In order to promote the development of the market, we must be innovated and developed a new type of industrial air blower. Although functions of double inlet air blower fans are different, they are moving in the direction of low energy consumption, low noise and high efficiency.