DC Axial Fan-Ø200×70mm DC Axial Fan-Ø200×70mm DC Axial Fan-Ø200×70mm DC Axial Fan-Ø200×70mm

DC Axial Fan-Ø200×70mm

Model no.: HA180-092D024H / HA180-092D048H

Brand: HEKO

Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor

MOQ: 1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.

Payment terms: T/T; L/C; Paypal

Approvals: CE

Type of Protection: IP33

Insulation Class: B

Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Place of origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand name: HEKO

Fan type: Axial Fan

Material: Aluminium Alloy Frame

Uses: Ventilation

Motor Type: EC brushless external rotor motor
Approvals: CE
Type of Protection: IP33
Insulation Class: B
Speed Control: 0-10VDC/PWM

Application of 24V 48V external rotor motor dc cooling compact axial fans:

External rotor motor fans, with features such as compact structure, easy to install, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency and so on. Axial cooling fans, which also can be called compact axial fans, are widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, offices, theaters and other building facilities. Besides, according to the different protection class, dc cooling axial fans are widely used for central air conditioning, evaporator, condenser, heater, air-conditioning, chillers, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems and also can be used together with cold storage and freezer.